This project has become possible thanks to the cooperation of 500 hams around the World. If you like Ham Radio and the Ham Spirit, you will find a lot to read on these 2,688 pages. (This corresponds to 8 books!)

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The personal presentations cover 1600 pages with really fantastic stories and below is a brief overview of what you find in the other six chapters.


Chapter 1, Rescue Operations

Hams who have shown the importance of Amateur Radio after a disaster tell their stories. 


Two Indian hams providing information from an island after the Tsunami in 2004


Chapter 2, DXpeditions

Experienced DX-travelers let us know what it takes to give us that new one!



VU2YAM operating from the TI9KK DXpedition in 2008

Chapter 3, Young Hams

Hams in four continents tell their success stories on how to get youngsters interested in Amateur Radio.


12 years old KD2APR and K2JMR show Olivia how to operate

Chapter 4, Radio since 1912

We follow the development of the technology and the activity on the bands. 



This photo shows a mobile station from 1912.

Chapter 5 Friends gone (SK)

Their work has made Amateur Radio what it is today.


Alan, VK4SS became my mentor in 1994 when I wrote my book, "Thanks to Amateur Radio"

Chapter 6 Contesting

Successful contest operators teach us how to build the optimal contest station and how to become a better operator.



At age 13, K0DXC was already a great contest operator

Chapter 7 Personal Presentations

If you are an active ham, you probably have worked several of these 500 active hams. Here you get to know much more about them than how they sound on the bands.

Please take a look at "Hams who help the World" above! It presents what some of our heroes in Amateur Radio do! 

You find some examples of stories told by hams in all six continents under "Some Examples" above.

What do the readers say about the Encyclopedia?

Thank you for this marvelous compendium of ham radio  personalities. You are to be congratulated for putting this together and your hard work!  //K3EST
I am so flattered to have been included and have spent hours reading. What a fantastic work you have produced and what a treasure of ham radio history you have captured. We all owe you a great debt of gratitude!  //W6OAT
Congratulations on such an achievement!  I hadn't realized the first sections would be so robust. Well worth reading!  //MD0CCE
It is so interesting, I cannot stop reading.  //N3BNA

Thank you for all your work on the encyclopedia of Ham Radio. It is an incredible amount of work and an excellent job. Thank you for all of your efforts.  //VA3SB
Wonderful, nothing else to say!  //LZ1US

You sure did a GREAT job with this encyclopedia - a great read and service to Amateur Radio. The stories are EXCELLENT.  //WX3B

After working on this project for six years, this is the final edition.

The encyclopedia is presented in the June issue of QST; the December 2013 issue of CQ, QTC in Sweden, in CQ DL and in Funkamateur in Germany. It will be shown again in Dayton, Friedrichshafen, and Tokyo by DL1BDF and DARC, just like it was shown there in 2013.

DL1BDF and JA-hams show examples from Encyclopedia of Ham Radio at the Tokyo Ham Fair

If you have any questions, please contact me ([email protected])
Earlier editions of the project have been presented as "Amateur Radio gives you 2 Million Friends."

My book "Thanks to Amateur Radio" was published in 1994.

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